A Feel-Good Donation

I’m very aware of the critical importance of donating to nonprofit causes now. There is such need everywhere because of the pandemic and especially in places like NYC, where I live. One organization to which I’ve made several donations since this past spring is: foodbanknyc.org. The photos of the long lines of people needing food reminds me of photos I remember seeing of the Great Depression. No one in this country should be hungry. A $1 donation provides 5 meals. A $75 donation provides 375 meals. If you can, please go to their website and make a donation:


Instant Happiness!


This is an interesting time of year when everyone is suppose to be really happy–even if the sidewalks and subways are unbelievably crowded and its been raining practically every day and everyone seems a little grouchy for one reason or another.

Well, I have a solution to this theoretical seasonal joy.  Give some money to a worthy charity, even if it’s a small amount.  If you can afford to give to a few, even better.  It will make you feel so good.

This year, one of my favorite non-profits is called OATS, or Older Adults Technology Services.  Their storefront locations, called Senior Planet, offer free classes to senior citizens to teach them everything from how to use computers to how to navigate social media.  You can check out where they have locations and what classes they offer at https://seniorplanet.org.

If you’re reading this blog on a computer or smartphone, and you’re a senior citizen, you obviously are digitally savvy but there’s always new stuff to learn. Also, consider the many senior citizens who can’t afford to own their computers and are left out of this way to interact with the world.  They can use the free computers at Senior Planet.

So check out their website and think about signing up for their email.  Even better, consider a donation: oats.org.