My Voting and Covid Vaccination Stickers!

My 5 grandchildren, ages 7 and younger, love stickers. I order ones online these days with animals, superheroes, fruits (you name it), to adorn envelopes for letters I’m sending to them. The letters (and the FaceTime calls) are our only ways of regularly being in touch.

However, this year I have my favorite 2 stickers. I got my “I Voted Today” sticker after I voted, having waited in the freezing cold on an early voting line for an hour and a half. It seemed a small effort for what was a critical election.

My other favorite sticker was the one I got Saturday, after I received my first Covid vaccination at the Armory on West 168th Street in Manhattan. If you’re interested, here’s information on eligibility and how to sign up. You would need a Weill Cornell Connect account:

As I was leaving, a security guard posted at the exit ramp congratulated me and told me to have a nice day. I thanked him and told him that this was the first step in my being able to hug my grandchildren again.

These are definitely 2 stickers I’ll always cherish.

“I’m grateful for…”

Thinking about what you’re grateful for helps deal with Covid stresses.

We’re all going through a pretty horrible time. I don’t have to recount here all the ways Covid 19 has affected our lives –assuming we’re even still here to replay those consequences.

So, here’s one thing we can do. Just sit quietly every day and be grateful for anything that’s good. That gives you happiness. That still works well. No matter how inconsequential.

I’m very grateful that, so far, no one in my family has gotten sick. I’m very grateful that the 2020 Presidential election is over. I’m very grateful that at least one Covid vaccine appears to have a 90% efficacy rate.

Some days I’m just grateful that the sun is shining when I go for a walk. A few weeks ago, I spotted a beautiful pink rose in Riverside Park.

You get the idea.

Single pink rose blooming in Riverside Park, NYC.