Coffee and a Muffin for Stress

Just as Charles Dickens said, these are “the worst of times.” Election stress times Covid stress equals Stress squared.

I decided yesterday morning, the day after the 2020 Election, that I needed to do calming things: take a walk and listen to music (and not listen to “The Daily”, which is my usual go-to podcast for walks but which would undoubtedly be discussing the election), start a new book and, last but not least, try going on some virtual tours to museums all around the world.

To accompany me on that tour yesterday morning would be something never allowed in the galleries of The Louvre (or in any other museum, for that matter): a cup of coffee and a muffin. It was a delightful experience all around and for approximately an hour, I totally forgot about the 2020 Election. There’s nothing like coffee, a warm muffin and great art to make you forget about the craziness around us now.

Let me know if you need a good muffin recipe.

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