The Power of a Thank You!


The older I get, the more convinced I am that two of the most powerful words in our vocabulary are “thank you”.  I’m chagrined to say that they’re not really spoken enough.  I’ve also heard this from friends.

It’s just so simple to say it, or to write it in a note, which is much more powerful than in an email or text. Yes, it’s quaint to write a note and put it in the mail, but a handwritten note of thanks is probably one of the nicest communications any of us can receive.

One thought on “The Power of a Thank You!

  1. You are not kidding. Just spoke to someone in an accounting office who helped whittle down a bill I owe. I said, “Thank you, Jill. You are a peach!” She said, “Ooooh. Thank you!” I don’t think that people in accounting offices get told they are peaches very often. Sally


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