Like Walking Among Zombies


It’s pretty remarkable these days how many people are tuned in and zoned out and listening to, or looking at, their phones.  I was on the subway recently and counted 6 out of the 8 people on the seats opposite who were looking at, or listening to, their phones.  Of the remaining two, one was asleep. The other was reading the print edition of The New York Times.  Quaint.

It’s especially interesting on the city’s streets to see how many people are plugged into their phones, seemingly oblivious to the city around them.  I’m actually amazed when they seem to magically get out of the way just in the nick of time to avoid walking into someone or something.  It’s an instinct that smart phone users seem to share with the city’s pigeons.  Fortunately, nobody I know has ever stepped on a pigeon yet.

One thought on “Like Walking Among Zombies

  1. Between the phone addicts and the three strollers in a row and the tiny dogs on long leashes, walking on Third and Lexington Avenues has become a challenge. Our exercise/balance instructor at the Y advises us to stand still and let them go around you. That is not always possible, although there are people who are considerate. My husband tends to say ” Heads up!!!” to someone who is deep into his/her phone, which does usually make them suddenly look up. The Moms and the nannies, three in a row and on their cell phones!! Need I say more? And…the skateboarders…. But I love NYC! I do.


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