Bye, bye fashion statements!


There are definitely women (primarily) who remain determined to be fashionable into their golden years but, as for me,  I’m erring on the side of comfort.  I’m giving in to all those body parts that are expressing their pain and indignation over abuses I’ve caused them over many decades.

Feet are a case in point.

I remember as a teenager and young woman wearing the worst shoes imaginable for foot health.  If there are any young women reading this–listen up.  High heels with constricting pointy toes or flip-flops without much between you and the sidewalk aren’t great.  Which brings me to the present, and visits to “sensible” shoes stores in Manhattan, where (sadly) I can buy my comfy shoes.

One thought on “Bye, bye fashion statements!

  1. I had big smile on my face when I read this blog. I easily identified with it. Which is your preferred sensible, comfy shoe store, Eneslow or Tip Top?


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